Book of Kah






Hold onto your seats, folks!
The adventure of a lifetime is about to hit your screens like a meteor shower!
Brace yourselves because we’re diving headfirst into the electrifying world of Kah!
Get ready for the ultimate Kenyan sci-fi fantasy superhero 3D animated movie:
Book of Kah: Chapter X!













Narmer the Anvil, the Unparalleled KAH of the Valleys and Hills! Ensi Lugal of the vast lands, Spear of Light, and King of the Stars, he’s not just Royalty; He is a LEGEND.
As the Punisher of the Weak and Emperor Among the Unconquered, his presence demands Respect. Approach him, but remember to honor his full title, for he is the unyielding force, enduring and resilient against all odds.
Dive into the heart of an epic African sci-fi fantasy saga The Book of Kah with Queen Sekh. A character whose majesty and prowess redefine strength and beauty. Standing tall at an imposing 6’4″, Queen Sekh is a vision of Nubian grace and power, her physique a testament to years of rigorous training and battle.Warrior. General. Daughter. As the favored child and trusted confidant of Narmer the Anvil, Sekh has carved her path through the stars, leading her father’s legions across galaxies. Her mastery of weapons is unparalleled, her strategies unbeatable. Yet, it is not just her physical capabilities that set her apart but her heart that feels the weight of every world she conquers.









Introducing MENI- The Guardian of Stars
Step into a realm where loyalty transcends time and space with Meni, the towering guardian whose life is devoted to protecting Queen Sekh. This statuesque and athletic warrior is not just a guard; she is the embodiment of unwavering loyalty and unmatched prowess.
From the Sands of Alkebulan to the Stars
Meni’s story begins in the ancient deserts of Northern Kush, where her ancestors first encountered the celestial entity that would forever change the course of human history. She belongs to the second generation of humans touched by the stars, inheriting abilities that have made her an indispensable asset to Queen Sekh.
A Bond Forged in Battle
Centuries of warfare alongside Queen Sekh have not only cemented Meni’s reputation as a fearsome warrior but have also forged an unbreakable bond between them. Together, they have faced countless foes and emerged victorious from battles that would have spelled doom for any ordinary mortals. Their synergy in the heat of combat is poetry in motion, a testament to their shared history and deep, mutual respect.

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