Book of Kah

šBook of Kah is a Kenyan 3D animated sci-fi series that will be made up of 24 episodes.

Developed by Josephat Technology Media Services, 3dAfrika Media with support from the Kenya Film Commission, Epic MegaGrants, Kenyan freelancers and the 3d animation community.

We are producing 24 episodes with a publicly funded Pay-Per-View model.

Book of Kah is made using Unreal Engine and other fast cost effective software options.Procedural workflows with real-time rendering delivers a workflow pliant to the needs of African 3d animation and gaming creators.

The aim is to create a pipeline for the production of Kenyan and African animated stories. We aim at engaging the growing 3d animators community with paid rewarding work.

The Team

A group of media professionals passionate about stories, 3d animation, gaming and film production.

We aim at creating a platform to showcase 3d animators and 3d art creators.

We are working with 3d artists, illustrators, modellers, VFX artists and many skilled 3d animation practitioners in Africa.

Josephat Nyakundi


Multiple award winner and nominee. A 3d animation and video workflow professional. Dedicated to building a profitable and progressive 3d animation industry in Kenya.

Albert Omwenga


Award winning film maker with 15 years experience in the Kenyan film industry as an actor, producer, director and cinematographer.

Book of Kah Animation Episode 1 Synopsis

The saga of an excursion to earth of an alien force linked to an ancient human civilization.

An alien queen caught in the crossroads of the past, destiny, and justice.

We follow the story of an alien quest where strange things happen in an African Town.

An ancient creature disguised as a man must form an allegiance with the alien warrior queen who has a special quest from her master.

On earth a secret force forms an alliance with a criminal.

This is the opening saga of the Book of Kah.


Jun 1, 21

Trailer release

Trailer released on YouTube and multiple social media sites.

Jun 1, 21
Jun 30, 21

Website Launch

Launch of public pay-per-view site.

Jun 30, 21
Jul 14, 21


Pay-per-view launch of episode 1 on

Jul 14, 21
Oct 22, 20

Launch Episode 2-4

Launch and start of pay-per-view series episodes 2 to 4.

Oct 22, 20
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