Book of Kah

Episode 2,3,4 production is delayed 🙁


3D Animated Series

Episode 1 is out now. Many individuals, groups and organizations have chipped in and we are now making Episode 2, 3 and 4. Get ready for a bumper release. Thank you all for supporting creators.

Our production is delayed. Thanks all for your patience we will issue a statement and new dates soon.

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The Cast

  • Adazia
  • Kasan Milug
  • Marcos
  • Djakaeff

Adazia The Messenger (Voiced by Brenda Ngeso) - A Cro-Nubian warrior, child of a cybernetic organism and an ancient Nubian Warrior. She is the trusted messenger of Djakaeff. Both Djakaeff and her know she reports everything to Dzumuzid and is his last line of defense. She is the one who must find Kasan Milug and convince him to join Dzumuzid. She wears the black metal armor of the emperor's messenger.

Brenda is an actor, voice actor and dancer with over 10 years experience. She has featured on various films, TV programs, Adverts and Stage plays such as Njoro wa Uba, Varshita, Lady Moran animation, The Governor, Crime and Justice and Kina.

Kasan Milug (Voiced by Alfred Munyua) – He is an ancient powerful creature living in the body of a man. An embodiment of great psychokinetic and physical powers. He can shift the balance of power between Dzumuzid and the tyrant Narmer The Anvil. He is a holder of Lignin(Dark Matter). Kasan Milug is a remnant from the age of the dinosaurs. His real appearance is that of a dragon-man. He is calm and controlled. But the Kasan Milug is a proud creature, who considers any suggestion of his death as blasphemy. It is rumored the sphinx sculpture is a corrupted version of him.

Alfred Munyua is a Stage, TV and film Actor with over 10 years experience in the industry. He has featured in Makutano Junction, Mother in law, First grader, The poacher, Crime and Justice among other Tv shows, adverts and films.

Marcos (Voiced by Kieran ‘Popo’ Ratanya)– A young man, an earth criminal in the employ of a mysterious force. He uses a weapon attached to his arm given by the mysterious boss. It makes him bullet proof. He is mean. He is also trying very hard to be a black American. His language is a mish mash of bad English grammar learned from watching gangster movies and bad Ghetto Radio patois. It is not working. He dresses oddly but with a lot of jewelry.

Keiran is a Kenyan actor and comedian who has featured in films and shows such as Varshita, Auntie Boss, Baba Yao, and Mwanda science fiction short film.

Djakaeff (Voiced by Sharama Chombo)- A Zorn from the Bamun System (In the period of the great fathers they were the first alien race to be found, Cron Titans who descended from the last Titan race) a general and great engineer who has been allied to the conqueror Dzumuzid for over 10000 years. He is 900 Centuries old and 9 feet tall. A proud being. Also a sexless dry creature devoid of all bodily fluids. He has been tasked by Emperor Dzumuzid high command to build a time gate for his return from 'the sea of stars'. He is lost there with his fleet but it is hoped a beacon can be placed using the gate.

A founding member of the Ukoo Flani Kenyan hip hop group, Sharama has also featured in local Kenyan feature films such as The Unprotected and local TV programs such as Varshita.


Book of Kah is a story about power

Book of Kah is about powerful entities like Adazia, The Immortal Xaens, Djakaeff, Narmer, Dzumuzid, Kaasan Milug. A fantasy Afro-futuristic tale that examines the good and the bad in unhindered power and freedom.

This is Science Fiction

The world of Book of Kah is a 26 episode fantastical multiverse, full of intensely developed but relatable inhabitants. Halfway between African fantasy and magic, half space adventure. Welcome to our world.

It is a story about Justice and a Quest

Adazia the Messenger, a follower of Dzumuzid does not know her power. Kaasan Milug is living in a man's body, abandoned and vengeful. Fate conspires with destiny and somehow finds a way of equalizing the scales.

African animated series made in Unreal Engine

Made using Unreal Engine and open source or affordable workflow tools. We aim at developing simple systems suitable for the production of great African stories. Focused on developing an animation and gaming industry in Kenya, one step at a time.

"Noma sana..." "Amazing work!!" "hii story lazima tucheki yote kazi safi"

24 episodes of sci-fi action.

Episode 1 out now! More episodes from October 2021.

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The Sunday Nation

Our first corner article in the Sunday paper. We so proud LOL. Well written by Hilary Kimuyu of THE NATION